Gerard Butler talks co-stars and kids in ‘Playing for Keeps’

Gerard Butler in Playing For Keeps

You may not realize it, but if you’ve been pronouncing Gerard Butler’s name the way you’ve heard it on television, you’ve probably been pronouncing it wrong. As Butler himself admitted recently during an interview in Toronto for his new film Playing for Keeps, even he has been saying it wrong.

“I’ve been unfortunately caught up in saying ‘Ger-rard’ as well, but it’s ‘Gerr-erd’,” he notes before laughing when no one can pronounce it, and then quickly adds that “Gerry’s good.”

The actor, well known for his head-busting leading role as King Leonidas in 300, has a calm, easy charm as he sits with a small roundtable of Toronto press. His tone is totally relaxed, and as he chats with us, he acts more like he’s talking with a few friends over drinks, rather than doing an interview.

Speaking about Playing For Keeps, Butler talked with us about acting in the film–where he plays George, a down-on-his-luck former star soccer player–and why he now chooses to get involved as a producer in some of the films he has starred in.

Butler also chatted about his co-stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and child-star Noah Lomax, his chemistry with the actors, and the fact that he really enjoys working with children these days, and missed Lomax as soon as the film was wrapped.

Listen to the interview with ‘Gerr-erd’ below, and catch Playing For Keeps in theatres now.

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