‘Out Of Time’ To Debut at Toronto Film Festival

by W. Andrew Powell
TIFF 2003
TIFF 2003

Director Carl Franklin, who’s possibly best known for his film Devil In A Blue Dress, will be premiering his new film, Out Of Time, this September as a Gala Presentation at the 28th Toronto International Film Festival.

The film stars two-time Academy Award-winner Denzel Washington, along with Eva Mendes, Sanaa Lathan, and Dean Cain in a suspenseful story of one man’s race against time to solve two murders before he’s suspected of the crime himself.

Here is a brief description of the film:
Respected by his peers and loved by his community, Matt Lee Whitlock (Washington) is chief of police in small Banyan Key, Florida. With the exception of his close friend, no one knows of his affair with the troubled and married Ann Harrison (Lathan). But when the town is shaken by a double homicide, everything Whitlock thought he knew starts to unravel.”

With his own police force dedicated to solving the crimes at hand, Whitlock must mask the clues that erroneously point to his involvement. To make matters worse, his estranged wife (Mendes) is the detective assigned to the case. As he feels the noose tightening, Whitlock finds himself in a race against the clock to uncover the mysteries surrounding the deaths and maintain his innocence. Time is running out, and he must stay a few steps ahead of his own police force, and everyone he has trusted, in order to find out the truth.

Directed by Carl Franklin, Out Of Time is written by Dave Collard. Out Of Time is produced by Neal H. Moritz and Jesse B’Franklin. Executive producers on the film are Kevin Reidy, Damien Saccani, Jon Berg, and Alex Gartner. Out Of Time is distributed worldwide by MGM. The 28th Toronto International Film Festival runs September 4-13, 2003 – find out more on the festival over at www.bell.ca/filmfest.

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