Review: Breville Dose Control Pro

by W. Andrew Powell
Breville Dose Control Pro

Breville’s Dose Control Pro | $199.99

Whether you have a great coffee system at home, or you’re just planning to upgrade to a premium system, the Breville Dose Control Pro offers a premium grind experience to get the most out of your coffee beans. Using high quality stainless steel conical burrs, the Dose Control Pro preserves the all-important oils in the coffee bean to make sure that you get all the flavour out of your next cup of java.

In total, the Dose Control Pro offers a range of 60 grind settings, all the way from a fine espresso grind up to a course French Press grind, with everything in between. Using the Dose Control Pro’s timer, which ranges in seconds, you can also get just the right amount of coffee in your portafilter or favorite coffee filter.

Setting up the Dose Control Pro is a simple as opening the box, rinsing it in warm, soapy water, plugging it in, and doing a few setup steps to put the hopper in place. After that, you pour your favorite beans in the hopper, select a grind setting by turning the hopper to the left or right, choose a timer setting for how much coffee you need, and press the start button in the middle of the timer.

Each and every grind will be identical, or you can adjust the settings each time to experiment with the grind and amount of coffee. The trick is really just finding that sweet spot for each coffee bean, and that can vary depending on the type of bean, not to mention the amount the bean has been roasted, and even how fresh it is.

Because you can grind directly into a filter basket, paper filter, or espresso portafilter, you don’t even have to touch the coffee grounds after it’s done grinding. You can just pick up the basket and put it in place in your coffee machine, and you’re done.

The Dose Control Pro hopper can hold up to 12 oz. of coffee beans, and locks in place, or you can unattach it and store it for later use.

The only minor down-side of the system is that, because of the distance between the bottom of the hopper and the main portion of the grinder, you can’t switch out beans instantly. To switch between beans, you need to grind at least one more batch of coffee beans to fully empty out the Dose Control Pro.

The Dose Control Pro also comes with two portafilter cradles, including a small 50mm to 54mm diameter cradle, and a large 58mm diameter cradle. There is also an adjustable razor to trim the puck, which allows you to trim for ranges of 50mm, 54mm, and 58mm portafilter baskets.

Overall, despite the relatively high cost of the grinder, it’s well worth the money and should last you for a long time with the correct care. You can certainly find cheap grinders for less than half the price of the Dose Control Pro, but not with this level of precision.

Breville Dosing Tool

Breville Dosing Tool

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