Tiffany Pratt offers tips for getting the most from your kitchen space

by W. Andrew Powell
Home Depot Canada

Kitchens don’t always get the love that they deserve, and with spring cleaning season upon us, it’s a great time to also think about renovations, and decorating your space.

Canadian designer and stylist Tiffany Pratt worked with The Home Depot recently to offer a few ideas on how to create striking and unique kitchen spaces for just about any home, and I had the chance to speak to her about some of her best tips.

Catch Pratt on HGTV, and for more decorating ideas, check out her DIY book, This Can Be Beautiful.

Tiffany Pratt
Tiffany Pratt

Andrew Powell: What are some of the most important things that homeowners may not think about in terms of getting the most out of their space?

Tiffany Pratt: The three things that come to my mind when I think about getting the “most” of a space are: organization, proper space planning, and colour.

Often it is hard for us to look at the rooms in our home differently than how they are currently laid out. If you were to take everything out of the room and look at it like a blank canvas this is when proper space planning can take place. Finding new places for furniture and items in a room can really inform a positive change that will force you to look at your stuff and how you want to live in each room. Getting rid of things and organizing them are paramount and this usually means purging.

If you take the time to get rid of things that you do not need this means that you do not need to stuff a bunch of things in a room that you do not need or love! Finally! Colour! If you freshen up the walls–paint the ceiling something fun or even repaint your doors and base boards you will find that something in the room has been greatly shifted.

I love using paint that has high coverage so you don’t have do more than two coats! I adore Behr Marquee colours because they are rich with incredible coverage! My kitchen is painted in Dutchess Dawn and it looks so cozy! Just a simple coat of paint can really mean transformation in the best and most basic way!

Powell: Are there any common mistakes that you see often that homeowners should think about before, during, or even after a renovation?

Pratt: The over arching message that I always want to share with homeowners before, during and after a renovation is do not rush anything.

Do not rush the planning and preparation before you start. The more you think about and prepare for what you want the better you will be prepared when things need to shift and change because you will know what you want your end game to look like.

Do not rush the renovation–which means start it during a season that does not force you to complete it before it may be done. Also if things go sideways in anyway you are not panicked and things can be done properly the right way.

Finally, do not rush the decoration of a space or the home after the renovation is complete. I think it is best to live in the home in its new state or live in the room in its new form before you really know how you want to furnish it and live in it. That way–when you see how things newly function you will make smart and wise decisions about how to make it yours.

Often we tackle things that we can outsource that can be tackled in ways that we never expected. I love asking for help in the early stages of a renovation to truly understand where I can save and where I need to spend. Everyone has a Home Depot close by and they have an incredible team of experts that can be easily accessed for questions and ideas! You can rent tools and find out so much about what is happening with new materials and current trends! Check it out! I love a good one-stop shop!

Powell: What are the main trends that not only look good, but will last well?

Pratt: I don’t really do trends and I love designing specifically for a space or purpose or people. Good design–trendy or not–is meant to last and be something that you can love forever when it is executed with the right purpose in mind.

Powell: What’s one of your favorite little touches that can have a big impact in a kitchen?

Pratt: I love using unexpected tiles. I also love putting art in a kitchen. I love mixing old and new things in a kitchen and great collections of glassware is always fun. Keeping things fresh and clean while still making it look like a place where you can whip up a batch of brownies is the name of the game. And purposeful placement of storage and appliances is also great for impact and function.

Changing the cabinetry colour or surface texture is a bigger but very impactful touch that can really transform a kitchen!

Home Depot has a service called ReNuIt that refaces your cabinetry to look brand-new! I am in love with it!

Lastly–colour! Always pick a fun colourful something to go in the room! Kitchens are the hub of the home and should make us feel happy just being there!

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