7 beer suggestions for the long weekend

by W. Andrew Powell
Creemore Springs

If you’re looking for a few beer ideas for the long weekend, patio season, or just about any summer occasion, I’ve got seven great options for you, including five Ontario favourites and a non-alcoholic brew.

From an IPA, lagers and ales, to an orange-flavoured brew, and a non-alcoholic option, there’s a little something for everyone this season.

In most cases, all of these beers are available at the LCBO, the Beer Store, and in some cases, Loblaws or Metro.

Creemore Springs Premium Lager, Boundless IPA and Lot 9 Pilsner

Lot 9 Pilsner from Creemore Springs
Lot 9 Pilsner is one of my favourite Ontario beers for patio season and my favourite summer meals. This well balanced, lightly hoppy beer is perfect with BBQ, salad, or just chips, and has a wonderfully crisp finish. This is a flavourful beer and the new packaging from Creemore looks fantastic.

Boundless IPA from Creemore Springs
This delicious Ontario craft beer is bright and has a bit of grapefruit flavour, and IPA hoppiness. It’s exceptionally easy to drink and nicely crisp, with an aroma that is fresh and enticing.

Creemore Springs Premium Lager
In terms of lagers, I find it hard to top Creemore Springs Premium Lager, which has a fantastically creamy head, with a balanced flavour that pairs perfectly with chicken wings, burgers, and cheese. It’s malty and delicious, and a sweet flavour that reminds me of home made brown bread.

Paddler's Ale and Irish Ale by Publican House
Paddler’s Ale and Irish Ale by Publican House

Paddler’s Ale by Publican House
Based on Publican House’s High Noon ale, that’s been filtered, proceeds of each sale supports the Canadian Canoe Museum. With a hint of citrus and hops, Paddler’s Ale is lightly fizzy, with a perfect tartness that lingers.

Henry’s Irish Ale by Publican House
Also from Publican House, this amazingly smooth, chocolatey and oakey ale is one I’m planning to stock for the rest of the summer. It’s a brown ale that’s nutty and perfect, with a very light, bitter finish that starts out smooth. Overall, it reminds me of a beer that’s been blended with an Irish whisky.

Coors Slice

Coors Slice
This light and summery beer is unique because it’s been blended with a hint of real orange flavour, and it’s very light, refreshing, and tasty. If you’re looking for a light patio beer, Coors Slice is great, and it will pair nicely with your favourite BBQ dishes. Overall, very pleasant citrus flavour and aroma for a hot day.

Coors Edge
For a non-alcoholic option, when you still want a cold brew this summer, Coors Edge is double-brewed and then filtered to bring it down to 0.5% alcohol. On it’s own or paired with burgers or snacks, it’s a great fizzy and hoppy beer.

Coors Edge
Coors Edge

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