Six luxury holiday gift ideas that will wow anyone

by W. Andrew Powell
Luxury Holiday Gift Guide

How do you plan to “wow” your loved ones this holiday season? The perfect gift should be thoughtful and meaningful, and if you need a little help to go beyond the ordinary, I may have just the perfect suggestion.

Think of these gift ideas as either extraordinary window-shopping dreams, or a bit of an investment. No matter how you look at them though, they’re completely spectacular.

This holiday season, please also buy local as much as you can, support an important Canadian charity, and take a look at gift ideas from some incredible Indigenous businesses.

Fogo Island Inn Dream Box | $10,000

Fogo Island Inn is Canada’s most incredible resort. Located on a small island off the coast of Newfoundland, the luxury hotel is serene and powerful, with a magical sense of place on the edge of the landscape. The hotel’s restaurant offers some of the best meals you could dream of anywhere in the country, with a local, sustainable focus, and the hotel also support the island community and local artisans.

Boasting seven seasons, including Pack Ice, Trap Berth, Berry, and Late Fall, the hotel is one of a kind, and while the pandemic forced the property to close for the rest of the year, they will reopen in 2021. So this holiday season, why not give your loved one time away when it’s safe again with the Fogo Island Inn Dream Box.

The special gift includes a certificate for a 3-night stay in the hotels stunning Fogo Island Sunrise or Sunset Corner Suite, and a Dream Box, which is a miniature, wooden recreation of the hotel room, complete with furniture, a quilt, and rug–perfect for dreaming of the day when your loved one visits this coastal oasis.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter Auto Chrono | $2,595

Hamilton makes some of my favourite watches–gorgeous timepieces that are truly distinctive–and their new Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter Auto Chrono is a remarkable addition to that lineup.

The 44mm pilot-style watch has a 60-hour power reserve, it’s water resistant up to 10 bar, features a sophisticated leather strap, and a rotating slide-rule bezel that can be used to convert units.

The watch is classy, solid, and professional–perfect for the loved-one who appreciates a quality timepiece that says so much more than just the time.

Best of all, unlike the smart watches of the day, this watch will last for years and years to come.

Canon EOS R5 | $5,399

The Canon EOS R5 is either a luxury gift, if your special someone loves photography, or a vital present for that photographer who needs to take their work to the next level.

The incredible camera features a 45 MP full-frame sensor, that captures 35.4 MP images, it can shoot up to 8K video, has in-body image stabilization, with 20 FPS, and beautiful, crystal clear images.

For Canon, this is the top-of-the-line camera for a new era of digital photography. The camera is sturdy, powerful, and any photographer who picks it up is going to be thanking you for weeks, months, and years to come.

De’Longhi Automatic Espresso Machine | $999 to $2,899

For coffee lovers, there is nothing quite like a perfect cup of espresso or cappuccino. It really is all about fresh ground beans, the perfect temperature and preparation, and an espresso machine that you can depend on. That’s where De’Longhi’s automatic espresso lineup of machines comes in.

The compact and impressive designs fit perfectly in any kitchen, and the automatic systems offer the perfect crema, frothed milk, and espresso every time. The one-touch system brews just what you’re dreaming of, without all the hard work, and it’s easy to clean, too.

The new top-of-the-line Eletta Automatic Espresso Machine does it all, and there’s also a machine that creates the perfect iced coffee, as well as espresso.

mycoatisblue | $495 and up


mycoatisblue is one of the most eye-catching brands I’ve seen in a while, and their luxury outerwear is truly iconic, and effortlessly sophisticated. The designs are simply stunning, and the fabrics look like they’re made for royalty.

With a look that’s inspired by architecture and modern styles that blend curved shapes with sharp edges, Creative Director and Founder Natasha Patten has inspired a look that is jaw-droppingly fresh and classy.

Patten’s outerwear brand is made for men and women with Italian wool-blend fabrics, and details that stand out, like the stunning blue lining. These are coats that are made to “wow,” whether you’re wearing one, or showing it off.

Black Bowmore DB5 1964 | $85,000

This is the ultimate gift, especially for car and whisky lovers. In a perfect partnership between Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky and legendary car maker Aston Martin, the result is a rare, exquisitely crafted, and historic gift like none other.

Black Bowmore is one of the rarest single malt whiskies ever created. Only 25 bottles are available, and only two will be sold in Canada. The decadent single malt is, apparently, awe-inspiring to enjoy, and if that wasn’t enough, the stunning bottle features a genuine Aston Martin DB5 piston. Anyone who owns a bottle will ultimately show off the bottle as much as the whisky itself.

The whisky expression was created in 1964, when Bowmore launched their then-new steam-heated stills. Almost at the same time, Aston Martin launched their iconic DB5, which would go on to become “the most famous car in the world,” thanks in part to the secret agent who got behind the wheel in 1964.

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