HXOUSE x YouTube launch CNCPT: A place where creativity starts in Toronto

by W. Andrew Powell

Creators in Canada have a new opportunity to take their careers to the next level thanks to a unique partnership between HXOUSE and YouTube Canada called CNCPT.

CNCPT will offer free programming, resources, mentorship, networking, and creative space for digital creators to learn and grow their channels with the help of professionals, experts, and established creators.

HXOUSE is a incubator and accelerator for creatives, with a goal of fostering innovation, and the new program is the next step in working with YouTube to innovate and help a new generation of creators.

Andrew Peterson, Head of YouTube Canada, and Ahmed Ismail, CEO of HXOUSE

During a special launch event at HXOUSE in September, Ahmed Ismail, CEO of HXOUSE, and Andrew Peterson, Head of YouTube Canada, met with creators and media to talk about CNCPT and what it will mean for aspiring and emerging digital creators.

“We’ve always had a relationship in some capacity since we launched with Google,” Ismail said. “We grew with them in 2018 when we first opened our door, where we wanted to work with somebody who had a global reach because our project was Toronto-based but globally focused. So that partnership launched HXOUSE.”

“We started working last year on understanding the needs of our new creators and our content that we wanted to push out, and we needed a content partner. We needed somebody who understood the assignment. And for young people, to this day, the best way to go viral is on YouTube.”

“For us at YouTube, we’re deeply committed to Canada, and this amazing creator ecosystem that we’ve been investing in, growing for over a decade,” Peterson said. “Oxford Economics recently released a report, and each year the creator economy in Canada generated over $1.1 billion to Canada’s GDP, created over 34,000 jobs. And while we’re really proud of these numbers, we’re only getting started; there’s still so much more work to do.”

“As we look at ways to continue to innovate, how we support the creator ecosystem, partnering with HXOUSE, we didn’t have to think about it too long. Ahmed and the team has built an amazing creative community here in Canada and I think combined with what we both bring to the table, there is, I think, some really interesting opportunities to foster the next generation of storytellers and next generation of creators in Canada.”

HXOUSE also hosted a special panel discussion with YouTube creators Inanna Sarkis, and Juno-award nominee Tesher, who talked about their careers, what it’s taken to make it this far, and how they think CNCPT can help newcomers. Watch my interviews with them below.

Through the program there will be special sessions, and for those creators that are accepted into the training program, once they graduate they can also apply for grants to support ideas and accelerate channel growth.

To learn more, to receive updates, and to be considered for CNCPT’s programs, visit CNCPT.ca.

Watch my interview with YouTube creator Inanna Sarkis below to hear details about her work, why CNCPT inspires her, and what she’s working on next. Then watch my interview with Tesher as he talked about his journey, inspiration, and more.

Photo of Ahmed Ismail and Andrew Peterson by George Pimentel, courtesy of HXOUSE.
All other images and video by W. Andrew Powell/The GATE.

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