Google announces Pixel 4, Nest Mini, Pixelbook Go & more

by W. Andrew Powell
Google Pixelbook Go

Google announced a number of new products this week that are coming just in time for holiday shopping, and they all include some of the latest innovations from the company. At the top of the list, Google announced the Pixel 4, plus four Nest products, and the Pixelbook Go.

Google Pixel 4
Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4 reflects major improvements against its predecessor. The phone offers two cameras, including one telephoto lens, with what they’re calling Super Res Zoom software, and impressive image quality and colour quality.

The Pixel 4‘s killer feature looks like an enhanced Night Sight that can actually capture the night sky and stars, plus there’s HDR+, and overall improvements to RAM, memory, and speed.

The Pixel 4 arrives on October 24 everywhere in Clearly White, Just Black, and a limited edition, Oh So Orange. The phone will retail for $999 in Canada, and $1129 for the Pixel 4XL.

Google Nest Mini

The new Nest Mini, previously called the Home Mini by Google, has been rebuilt with new hardware and a machine learning chip to offer even more features, while improving the sound quality and adding more bass.

Offering twice as much bass as the original Mini, the new device offers the same design in four colours: Chalk, Charcoal, Coral, and the new colour, Sky. The device can also be wall-mounted, and will now be able to be grouped with other Nest speakers to fill your space with music.

Google Nest Mini will arrive on October 22 and will retail for $69.

Google’s Nest Wifi is a mesh Wifi router that can provide your whole home with a strong, reliable wireless internet signal. The two pack option can cover up to 3,800 square feet, and it’s scalable, so you can add more units to cover more space.

Nest Wifi will arrive on November 4, and a two-pack starts at $269, or the three-pack will retail for $349.

Google Nest Wifi

If you loved the Google Nest Hub, the Google’s Nest Hub Max if coming to Canada now too, offering a number of benefits, including video calling, video or YouTube streaming, as well as music or home automation control. The device features a bright 10-inch HD screen, and comes in Chalk or Charcoal for $299 in Canada.

Finally, for Nest products, there’s also Nest Aware. This service from Google offers “whole home awareness” and monitoring using Nest products, and allows you to be notified when fire alarms go off, or when there’s other noises or disturbances. The service is particularly useful when combined with Nest Cameras, and costs $8 or $16 per month, including up to 30 days or 60 days of video history.

Lastly, Google announced the Pixelbook Go Chromebook. The laptop weighs two pounds, it’s 13 mm thick, and starts at $879 with a 13.3 inch touchscreen.

There’s no official arrival date yet, but when it does arrive in Canada, it will offer up to 12 hours of battery life, will come in Just Black and Not Pink, and can provide up to two hours of use after a 20 minute charge.

You can pre-order all of the new products at, and they’re also available at Best Buy in Canada.

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