U8TV: Valery & Kalen Quit?

by W. Andrew Powell

Although I can’t confirm this right now, I received feedback today from someone claiming that Valery and Kalen had quit the Loft. I’m digging around to see what I can find out, so for now this should be treated as a rumor and nothing more, but I can say that Kalen’s image has been removed from the Lofter’s page and replaced with the U8TV logo. Here’s the original note:

“The boot camp in the loft might not be as crowded as you think. Two of the lofters have quit, Kalen and Valery, others aren’t so thrilled to be there any more. Perhaps by the time boot camp begins there won’t be anyone in the loft.” — Teleos

UPDATE: I have a little bit more information regarding the news about Kalen and Valery. Seems that all the way back on October 3rd Kalen stepped out according to posts on the U8TV message boards. As well, I talked with the media representative at U8TV and she had the following to say:

“Kalen and Valery have left the loft, both for personal reasons, which we can’t delve into or publicize for privacy and legal reasons. At this time, I don’t think we’ll be replacing them.” She went on to say that their shows were already being taken over by the other 6 Lofters. And, “[W]e have wished them well as we wouldn’t want to have anyone living here who didn’t want to be here.”

Personally, I think I can understand why they left the Loft. It wasn’t an easy place to live, but maybe there are multiple reasons. Valery was always my favorite though and it’s really sad to hear that she’s stepped away, but I do wish her the best. As well, as I met Kalen at the initial audition for the Lofters, I can say that he was pretty cool and I’m sure he’ll go on to other big things.

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