U8TV: Lofter’s diaries on Kalen & Valery

by W. Andrew Powell

So, in my goal to collect as much information as I could about the events, here are a few selected quotes from all over the U8TV site, including quotes from the Lofter’s diaries. Each quote actually gives a lot more information than I expected and in particular, I found out exactly how much the Lofters make each week: $490, thanks to Arisa’s recent diary entry. That must be net income since it only comes out to around $25K a year, and while I know they don’t pay for housing, I think they deserve a lot more! Anyway, on with the quotes!

Loft Log: Day 282 Saying Goodbye To Valery:

“Tonight on the Lofters, U8TV says goodbye to the lovable and talented Valery Gagne (Pasionek). A few weeks ago, Valery made the decision to take her experience in the Loft and move on to new experiences. For her own reasons, she felt that she had to leave the Loft and as we all know, VG is not one to ignore her gut-instinct. When she broke the news to her fellow Lofters, there were a lot of surprised looks and some tears. Read Jen and Sandy’s diaries on Valery’s departure. Why did she leave the Loft? Tonight’s episode of U8TV: The Lofters will go back through past shows to find the answer.”

Arisa’s DiaryHow It Feels To Live In The Loft:

“Myself and 7 others live through forced competition through challenges, auditions, preference and having to fight for only one phone, spending WAY too much time together, high degrees of bullshit including arbitrary rules, a dirty, DIRTY environment, bizarre schedules, watching The Lofters show (together in the same room, no less) where the worst parts of ourselves, as well as the petty and serious fights are replayed OVER AND OVER, then immediately having to work on other shows together as if these tensions, that have been encouraged by the sheer existence of the show, didn’t exist, calling someone named ‘Master’ every 5 minutes to let them know where we’re going, being under constant scrutiny from viewers, as well as the insane, round-the-clock people-traffic and noise being a very real stress. When people who live OR work together need some space from each other to recharge or heal, they can generally get it. Not us. We take a licking, and keep on ticking. Sorry about the harsh honesty, but you have to take the bad with the good. Hence – I live in a production studio, and despite all this… I’m really, really happy about a few things.”

What Arisa Thinks About Valery:

“Valery – the definition of sweet. There isn’t a cruel bone in your entire body, and I love ya for it. Always rocking the good intentions, the funkiest, craziest style in this place, and some new obsession that you’re excited about. Crafty, fucking brainy and genuine. True, I would love to take up your offer of moving in with you. Math says he’s afraid of the nighttime production noise in my room if he moves into my place (riiiiight). Let’s buy him some earplugs, and see if he changes his tune…”

Arisa’s Thoughts On Kalen:

Kalen – the Loft’s soft spoken sweetie… moody but genuine, you never fake how you feel and are there for me when I need you – when I’m about to crack and need to get out of here, or when I just need a hug, a lap to chill out on or a bed to sleep over in. You know the value of friendship, because you’re really aware of the things that count in life. I think you’ve got a halo under those dreads. And I didn’t want to forget the amazing flicks you take…I like your drive, baby, and I’m amazed how you’re never distracted by the drama swirling around this place.

Jennifer’s DiaryNow That Kalen and Valery Are Gone:

When Kalen decided to leave the loft, I was disappointed but mostly unaffected. Kalen and I got along fine, but we didn’t work on shows together and we didn’t hang out much. I was sad to see him go, but I knew he was happier without us. Now that Valery has decided to leave as well, the impact of a second loss to the core eight is much more noticeable. There is a feeling of survival cropping up in the loft. The six of us that are left are looking around at the empty beds and realizing that this is becoming a test of endurance. There isn’t a single person that can truly relate to or understand what it’s like to be a participant in this experiment. Living in this space is the hardest thing I have ever done, and the only people who would agree with me are the five other souls in the loft.

Sandy’s DiaryThe End Is Near – Sandy Sums It Up The Best:

“Just seeing Valery’s items packed and ready to go by the front door gives me that nostalgic feeling. When Kalen left I knew things would never be the same but now I really know it. As much as we don’t realize it, we’ve all grown to appreciate each other as much as we irritate one another and we are going to miss this year when we hear a song that takes us back. “

“As much as I hated getting woken up in the middle of the night with Dave’s tirades, I kind of miss Kalen’s laugh that would seep through the wall that divided our rooms. I kind of miss seeing Kalen shuffle his furry black slippers to the kitchen in the morning, with no shirt and plaid pants on, to make a huge breakfast. It’s weird going in Dave’s room to see an arm chair and a million panda bears replacing Kalen’s bed, what happened to smell of incense burning and sound of jungle music drifting from there?”

“Walking in Arisa’s room is just as surreal. There’s no more pictures on Valery’s side of the room, almost everything has been packed up. It’ll be strange to be in the vanity area and not see Valery come out of the shower with a robe and towel wrapped around her head ready to share the crazy facts she has somehow stored away in her brain for the moment someone mentions anything slightly relevant. I think Vava’s one of those people who asks you a question and actually cares what the answer is and you can see her dissect your words. It sucks that she’s leaving, really, I was getting so used to having a little critter around (Vava’s cat.) “

“It just shows that the end is closer than we think! I think that making it this far shows a lot of strength in the eight amazing people that were selected in this project. Kalen and Valery were especially brave to not get wrapped up in what others would say and take matters into their own hands to live their life in the best possible way. I wish you both all the happiness you deserve!”

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