Spotlight on Melissa DiMarco

by W. Andrew Powell

Since she was 6 years old, Melissa has been trying to entertain people – at the time, that was through skits and plays that she would make herself, but today she’s beaming right into people’s homes. In fact, you might have seen her in shows like Blue Murder, The Associates, Relic Hunter, Due South, PSI Factor, or Riverdale. Soon, you’ll also have the chance to see her in the Red Green movie: “Red Green’s Duct Tape Forever”.

Melissa also appears as one of the hosts on Nite Life on CFMT where she has interviewed a variety of big stars, like John Travolta, Nicholas Cage, Val Kilmer, Gary Oldham, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Micheal Douglas, and many, many more.

She’s an interesting lady and she’s totally cool and sweet, and for November, she’s our Babe of The Moment!

Photos & Info Courtesy of “The Melissa DiMarco Worship Site”

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