Cobra Kai’s Xolo Maridueña, Mary Mouser, Peyton List, Jacob Bertrand & Gianni DeCenzo talk season 5

by W. Andrew Powell

Cobra Kai has to be one of the most satisfying shows on television, and as it returns for the fifth season, there’s some changes coming for everyone, especially after that last All Valley Tournament.

While Terry Silver is growing his empire under Cobra Kai, and John Kreese is behind bars, Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso are at a funny crossroads, and that’s affecting all of their students.

Speaking to the cast this season, they hinted at what’s coming, while revealing what this season gave them the chance to take on.

“I think this season for me, my favorite aspects of it were also the most challenging was just how big this world has gotten,” Mary Mouser said. “I think it’s so awesome that it keeps growing and it’s like a mushroom cloud. It’s like it’s exploding. And it’s getting there, but it’s kind of just so compressed.”

“If you look at the world at large, it’s this very insular group that they’re all in among, and I have a lot of fun getting to interact with some new and different dynamics with that. Obviously for Samantha this year, that involved working alongside some people that she either hasn’t worked alongside ever, or at least in a while, and trying to make that work was challenging as a character, but a lot of fun as an actor.”

“For Miguel this season, I think he was really making some really big changes independently, and I think that’s really new to him,” Xolo Maridueña said. “You know, a lot of his decision making and a lot of the choices that he had made prior to that had been either to benefit him in Johnny or for his family or his friends. And I think now that he’s embarking on this, you know, new chapter alone, I think there’s a good bit of learning that has to be done and some hardships that have to like.”

For Peyton List, this season brought her character new responsibilities.

“I think I got to explore more of a mentorship role for Devon’s [Lee] character and Tory having to take on the role of being a teacher and looking out for someone else and having some responsible party,” List said. “I think that really taught her a lot and was cool for me to play as well.”

“This season was really fun,” Jacob Bertrand said. “It was definitely a different side of Hawk that I haven’t really gotten to portray before. So, a lot of seasons he’s been starting sort of low and like trying to climb his way out, but this season he starts at the top and maybe has a little bit of a fall from grace, but very humbling for the character.”

Talking about his opportunity this season, Gianni DeCenzo said, “For me, “it’s my character’s ability to work with others. He hasn’t always been the easiest to work with. He’s gotten pretty hurt because of that. He’s got his nose broken, his arm broken… but, just him learning to work well with others and seeing how he manages that. I think he’s got his work cut out for him.”

Cobra Kai season 5 is streaming now on Netflix. Watch the full interview above, and watch our interview with Dallas Dupree Young, Oona O’Brien, and Griffin Santopietro on YouTube.

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