The best inns, hotels, and accommodations in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia

by W. Andrew Powell
Fox Point Inn near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

Any great vacation needs a great place to spend the night, and on my trip through Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, I enjoyed four great spots in the area.

From Amherst on the west side of the county, to Parrsboro on the south west, and Wallace in the north east, these communities are the ideal places to stay when you’re exploring.

Read on for my four top recommendations for well priced accommodations that are located close to lots of local highlights, and they all offer something different that will make your vacation comfortable. For more details, read my guide on planning your trip in Cumberland County.

Fox Point Inn, Parrsboro

A short 15 minute drive from the centre of Parrsboro, Fox Point Inn is a charming and refreshing place to unwind after a long day of exploring, with excellent breakfasts to start your day off right.

Located in the middle of a quiet, rural neighbourhood, with four luxury, private suites, and a large patio space, the inn is a wonderful home away from home. Around the inn you can sit and relax outside, or by the fireplace, enjoy sunrise and sunset, and take in the tranquil, natural setting.

The suites each have their own private entrance, bath tub, and I had a great sleep when I stayed here. Nearby you can also check out Fox Point Park for incredible views over the beach and ocean below, or drive west to hike Cape Chignecto Provincial Park.

Wallace River Ranch & Domes, Wallace

Wallace River Ranch & Domes, Nova Scotia

Close to Pugwash, Malagash, and Tatamagouche, Wallace River Ranch offers “glamping” style domes with a full kitchen, king size bed, living space, back yard, wood stove, BBQ, and even an outdoor hot tub to relax in any time you like.

All of the nearby highlights are within a 30 minute drive, and that also includes Wentworth, and you can make all your meals, or head out to one of the nearby restaurants for excellent local dishes.

The best part of my stay was heading to bed, listening to the owls hooting in the forest, and waking up to the sounds of nature. It’s the perfect place to really get away from it all.

Comfort Inn, Amherst

This traditional road-side, budget hotel in Amherst is conveniently located close to the highway, and not far from the centre of town, so you can wake up and get anywhere quickly. As a first stop or last stop on a road trip through Nova Scotia, depending on if you’re driving east or west, it’s perfect to get out and explore Tidnish, Joggins, Springhill, and the other local highlights.

The staff were wonderful, and the rooms are clean and comfortable, and they offer a morning buffet breakfast that’s included if you want something quick and easy.

Alt Hotel Halifax Airport, Goffs

Alt Hotel Halifax Airport

If you’re flying into Halifax on your way to Cumberland County, or decide to fly out when you’re leaving Nova Scotia, the Alt Hotel Halifax Airport is convenient for a lot of reasons.

Attached to the airport, you can wake up and grab your luggage and head right into the terminal without going outside. The chic business hotel also has a pool, bar, restaurant, and gym, with easy access to the airport car rental services.

The rooms are clean and the beds are comfortable, with lots of room for couples and families, whether you need one or two beds.

Other options on your trip and resources

Amherst and Parrsboro both offer a few hotels and inns, and you can also stay in communities like Wentworth, or B&Bs along the highways in the area. Outside of Cumberland County, Tatamagouche has the Train Station Inn, where you can stay in an actual train, or plan to stop in Truro where you can find traditional motels and brand hotels.

All photos by W. Andrew Powell/The GATE.

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