TIFF 08: Day 1 – Gala Night showdown

by W. Andrew Powell

You’ll have to excuse the relative silence that has taken over on these pages the past few weeks, but big things are in the works. Even as I was prepping for the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival, which starts tonight, I have been working on The GATE’s brand new video channel that will launch this weekend (with TIFF content included, of course).

This year’s TIFF looks like a big one for me too. I’m shooting video as much as possible, I have interviews galore, and I’m going to be shooting parties on top of the usual red carpets and press conferences. I am also very tempted to “vlog” the festival (as in a video blog – a term I have already been scorned for using on Facebook).

But my big dilemma tonight is the face off taking place between the gala red carpet at Roy Thomson Hall for Paul Gross‘ war epic, Passchendaele, and the red carpet for Guy Ritchie‘s latest gangster film, RocknRolla.

On the one hand, I love covering Canadian films, but as I’m going to be going to covering the press conference for Passchendaele, this will probably be my only chance to get photos of the RocknRolla cast.

So, I’m off now to see if I can get a good spot on the red carpet, but stay tuned for more updates. I’ll have photos online tonight, and as many updates from now on through the festival as I can manage! Check out the TIFF section at www.thegate.ca/tiff.

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