Kevin Smith talks ‘Zack & Miri’ in Toronto

When I first learned that Kevin Smith was going to bring Zack and Miri Make a Porno to the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival, I knew I had to get an interview. Out of everyone coming to this year’s TIFF, Smith was at the top of my list. Not just because he made Clerks, but also because he’s a genuine, talented guy with a knack for realistic dialogue, and uncommon, original characters.

TIFF 08: Play that funky music

If I go through some of my all-time favorite songs, most of them have one thing in common: they’re featured in a movie I also love.

em>Shaun of the Dead reminded me how much I loved Queen with the song “Don’t Stop Me Now.” Damien Rice’s “The Blower’s Daughter” leaps off the screen in Closer. Counting Crows had the wickedly addictive opening song “Accidentally in Love” in Shrek 2.