TIFF 08: Working on two days of photos

by W. Andrew Powell

TIFF 08: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt at the ‘Burn After Reading’ gala

Already during the 2008 Toronto Film Festival I’ve shot about 2000 images, which isn’t much compared to the pros, but it’s a lot to sort through when you’re also doing interviews and planning a week-long schedule.

The big job was shooting Brad Pitt and the cast from the Coen brother’s Burn After Reading, who all dodged by the photographers as quickly as they could. I still managed to get some shots in the end, but nothing like what I had hoped for considering he was very easy to photograph other years.

And last night I didn’t have an ideal spot at the red carpet for Guy Rithcie‘s RocknRolla, but I am pretty happy with the shot below where Jeremy Piven randomly wrestled with Guy.

I also have a good shot of Thandie Newton, but you’ll have to wait one more day for that…

TIFF 08:Guy Ritchie and Jeremy Piven

Guy Rithcie and Jeremy Piven wrestle on the red carpet

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1 comment

IreneK September 6, 2008 - 2:47 am

Andrew – great shots, can’t wait to see more. Brad is handsome as ever and you got the shot – way to go. You rock.

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