One year with the iPhone 11 | 20 of my favourite photos

by W. Andrew Powell
iPhone 11 best photos

What a difference a year makes. Since last fall, I’ve tested and reviewed a lot of phones, and I’ve taken thousands of photos with all of them. There’s lots I could say about each phone, but I’m still happy to keep coming back to the indispensable iPhone 11.

From vacations to CES, around the block, and just sitting at home more than usual, I’ve been using the iPhone 11 a lot in a year, and it’s held up exceptionally well as my daily driver.

I love the camera, the built-in features like surround sound for music and movies, and even coming from using a lot of Android phones, I never ran into issues synching calendars, mail, or photos. Android users may be surprised to hear it, but changing to iOS and the iPhone was very, very easy.

While I ended up using the 2019 iPad to start learning guitar during the pandemic (I still have a lot to learn before I show off any skills there), and for writing notes and articles, the iPhone has been the perfect social media device, and for juggling email, and just random web browsing. I took photos for Instagram, video for YouTube, tweeted from CES, and I watched a lot of TikTok.

For the price, at just $1049 with 128 GB of storage space, I think the phone is exceptionally well priced, and did I mention it’s impressively durable? There’s not a scratch on mine, and it’s had a mishap or two.

The processor also just flies, and I think it’s safe to say that I’m a fairly heavy user between a ton of apps, gaming, and content.

Apple iPhone 11
Apple iPhone 11

Beyond everything though, the camera tools are absolutely first rate. A couple of Android phones have very good cameras, but none have the editing tools that included in Apple Photos. Shooting in Live mode, I can get more than a dozen moments to choose from in any shot, and then I can edit that shot right in the Photos app, with pro-level options that are simpler and easier to use than Adobe’s Lightroom.

I still depend on Lightroom on my desktop for a range of things, but if I want to take a shot and use it right away, it’s hard to top the iPhone 11 and the Photos app.

After a year, I do wish the iPhone 11 had some kind of fast charging, but the battery lasts all day long, so it’s hard to complain. Even watching a movie, then taking photos, listening to music, and going through Instagram and Twitter, the iPhone made it through the day.

There were certainly a lot less chances in 2020 to go out and get photos, but I’m still really happy with what I got in the last year. The iPhone 12 announcement is coming up in just a couple of hours, and that’s going to be big news with a lot of new features on the way I’m sure too, but I’d still recommend considering the iPhone 11 this fall or winter.

Take a peek at my 20 best shots with the iPhone 11 and let me know what you think.

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