Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11 | Review

The iPhone 11 is pretty easy to review: it’s the best overall phone today. Against all the competitors, and even other iPhones, the iPhone 11 stands out with some of the best all-around features. Even Android users may be surprised how easy it is to jump ship, and the camera alone is worth it if you’re a photographer.

Travelling with the Apple iPhone 11

When I’m travelling, I usually bring a lot of gear with me. There’s my DSLR, an action camera, and usually a couple of phones because I’m working on reviews. For my vacation to Disney World this year though, I decided I was going to try and carry less, so I just brought the Apple iPhone 11 with me many days, and it was frankly one of the best decisions of the trip.

The iPad 3

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid

The news has been filled today with references to the rush that was ignited with the sale of the new iPad 3. People started lining up last night to purchase the latest version, and even Apple’s stock hit a new high based on the release alone. The funny thing is too that the iPad 3 is barely an upgrade over the last version, but that doesn’t matter to the crowd that are drinking Apple’s Kool-Aid, as it were–they must. have. it.

Steve Jobs

The legacy of Steve Jobs

The social media world, and the news at large, is sounding the death knell of Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder, greatest CEO, and one of the men who led Pixar in its early days, and it seems like it’s impossible to see what all of this will mean in a day, a week, or a year, but it is a sad day that made me feel at least somewhat introspective.