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LONDON, ON | “Instant Gratification” is Cascadian’s debut single with InTANDEM RECORDS INC. Master Recording by Mike Donaldson (Serenity Soundworks).

A Southwestern Ontario singer/songwriter and guitarist, Cascadian, aka Ian Van Oosterhout, delivers this multi-paced track like a tethered rant against the delusional symbiosis between media and us – how media entangles us in a self-perpetuating feeding frenzy with little satisfaction. Cascadian’s theme-driven lyrics reflect our addictive alliance with all things net – an addictive itch we’re constantly scratching.

Grounded in guitar-driven instrumentals, Cascadian shows a shiny, new performance experience – the power of voice. In ‘Instant Gratification’ he’s giving free reign to a choir of both deep-chested and upper register, resonant vocals, hauntingly hypnotic and addictive, like Jim Morrison or Phil Anselmo. In his words: ‘ I want my work to evoke feelings…make people smile, be happy or even have a good cry.’ His revolutionary instrumentals and evolving vocals show an undeniable quest for truth that are like a mythical creature waiting to make history.

Cascadian says, ‘I got into metal at a very young age (thanks, brothers) and then convinced myself everything else was crap and not worth listening to. It took me until a few years ago to realize there’s an entire world of music out there that I’d just been leaving untapped and unexplored. Now, metal still holds a special place in my heart, but I’ve also discovered a powerful love for blues, country, jazz, contemporary, pop, dance, funk… basically, anything that evokes emotion is worth listening to in my books.’

“Ian is a major, rising talent,” says broadcast journalist, Rick Young.

In August, Cascadian’s second track, ‘Savoury’ will release followed by ‘So Long’ in September. Watch for official music videos July 31st on Youtube.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 519.207.1947

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