Dr. Draw and The Strange Parade

The Incomparable Dr. Draw

About ten years ago I was asked to write a magazine profile of a young up and coming musician with a very interesting story–he was a guy born in Moscow into a family steeped in music and musical tradition, but here in Toronto he was busking on the street playing his violin in a style that is not just wonderful, but incomparable.

The Stogies

The Stogies light one up

The Stogies are a band who would maybe probably rather burn out than fade away, but knowing their penchant for all things raucous and unbridled, they’d just light another one up anyways. I had the esteemed pleasure of hosting these 5 boys in my small apartment for two days during CMF. And what pleasurable chaps they were. What really blew me away about this rock ‘n’roll band with heavy classic rock and jam band elements, was that these quiet, and somewhat shy Halifax, N.S. boys really ripped on stage. A sweaty, psychedelic assault, if you will.


Limblifter: Year of the Dahle

“Tinfoil”. “Vicious”. “Cordova”. “Screwed it Up”. “Ariel vs Lotus”. “Wake up to the Sun”. “Perfect Day to Disappear”. Chances are, if you’re a fan of Canadian rock music, you’ve heard a Limblifter tune or two. At a time where we’ve seen a strong resurgence of many CanRock bands of the 90s (Big Sugar, Big Wreck, Tea Party, Wide Mouth Mason, I Mother Earth, Treble Charger, Rusty) Vancouver, B.C. exports Limblifter, who formed in 1995, are too, at it again.

A Tribe Called Red

A Tribe Called Red fusing Native, electronica for inspired beats

Diversity and the juxtaposition of cultures are part of the formula for what makes Canada great–and nowhere does this intermingling rear its lovely head as brilliantly as in the creative works of our artists and music makers. A Tribe Called Red, a trio collective from the Nation’s Capital, presents one of the most unique multiculturally-driven acts of the decade in their fusing of traditional Native soundscapes with modern electronica genres. Now, with First Nations culture in North America gaining its rightful momentum, ATCR have taken reign as unintended, but welcome, pioneers of the movement for Indigenous recognition and respect.