Trailer: ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ heads to Los Angeles

by W. Andrew Powell
Grand Theft Auto V

Get ready for the thug life to hit Los Angeles–or at least Rockstar Games’ version of the city–as the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V debuted online, showing off a little bit of what gamers can expect of the latest edition in the franchise.

Known for the franchise’s violence and controversial gameplay, Grand Theft Auto V is likely to incite further indignation among parents–despite the fact the games are all rated M for Mature–and rumours are already stirring about new features in the upcoming game.

So far nothing is confirmed, and there is no set release date, but Kotaku is reporting that there will likely be multiple playable characters. As the trailer shows, it also looks like players will be roaming outside of Los Angeles, Hollywood and the city center.

While some rumours persist that GTA V may not arrive until Sony and Microsoft launch the next versions of their PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the timing of this trailer would at least suggest to me we could see the game in the summer or fall of 2012 as many have predicted.

Watch the trailer:

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