Maximo: Canada’s most expensive rum

by W. Andrew Powell

MaximoRum connoisseurs in Toronto can officially celebrate, the most expensive rum ever sold in Canada is now available at the Summerhill LCBO, and it’s only going to set you back $2000.

Launched in September from Havana Club, only nine bottles of Máximo Extra Añejo were made available to customers. The rum has been created by blending the finest and oldest rum reserves, which have been aged over generations by master rum-makers, or Maestros Roneros. Those masters, who pass on their knowledge through at least ten years of training, pass on the essence of the process that has been growing in Cuba since sugar cane first arrived in the country in 1493.

Following that Cuban tradition, the rum goes through multiple steps of ageing and blending before a rum base is created that is then blended with distilled sugarcane. The process continues again, with successive aging and blending until it’s considered ready.

In the words of Don Jose Navarro, the Primer Maestro Ronero, “Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo first impresses the eye with its amber glow, darkened by prolonged ageing. Next, the nose, with a rich aroma that balances oak and smoke with fresh pear and coconut. Lastly, the tongue, with a powerfully smooth woody taste accented by vanilla and chocolate, and an irresistible spicy finish.”

Visit the Summerhill LCBO at 10 Scrivener Square, (off of Yonge Street, just south of Summerhill Ave.) to purchase a bottle of this magnificent rum, or visit Havana Club’s official website at

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