Emm Gryner

Spotlight on Emm Gryner

by W. Andrew Powell

Whether you want to call her a talented performer, a rampant touring goddess, a record label executive, or just a cool Canadian songwriter, Emm Gryner is one of the most respectable artists on the Canadian music scene.

Deciding what you want to say about Emm isn’t easy. Do you start by saying she’s toured as a singer in David Bowie‘s band and sang with Bran Van 3000 and Rob Zombie on their recent CDs? Or do you jump into the story of how she formed her own record label, Dead Daisy Records? Maybe it’s best to talk about her touring schedule which seems to be an ongoing adventure that has her playing clubs and special “living room shows” (where she actually performs in someone’s house) across Canada and the United States? Or maybe, it’s just best to say that she’s a prolific artist who’s constantly gaining new respect in a variety of endeavors that are constantly proving she’s more than just another pretty face.

For a 26 year-old, she’s done a lot. She’s already released five albums, and is about to release her sixth with Asianblue, which is due out on July 16th. This year she also received a Juno Award nomination for “Best Pop Album” for her album Girl Versions, a collection of covers that included her own slowed down piano versions of songs like “Waiting Room” by Fugazi, “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard, and “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne, among others.

But really, that’s just a piece of her story… she’s received personal accolades from a series of big-name, influential artists, she’s been praised by a wide range of critics, and her name has become synonymous with a do-it-yourself career.

You can catch Emm at a rare Toronto show on July 23rd at the Top of The Senator at 253 Victoria Street for her CD release party. The cost is $10 and the doors open at 9pm.

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