Spotlight: Ladies of The Ultimate Guy’s Show

by W. Andrew Powell

As if guys needed another reason to drink beer, play with cool gadgets and look at pretty girls… but, then again, there’s something to be said for bringing a whole bunch of companies together to pitch their wares specifically for guys.

Running April 23rd to April 25th at Exhibition Place, the show had a few things missing (sure, there was lots of implied sexual vibes, but where were the porn stars, the sex stores, or even the cool electronics for sale?), but if you’re willing to drop $15 it’s not a bad deal for a few hours.

Naturally, the best thing I can say about the show happens to be about the ladies who are featured at the show, which is why I decided to do more than just write an article on it all – I thought I’d share these photos with you folks out there and name the ladies the current ‘Babes of the Moment’! If you don’t get a chance to catch any of the event this year (it ends on April 25th), this will just be a little reminder for you to check it out in 2005.

Highlights: The Argo’s booth, which features 3 of the guys from the team with 3 cheerleaders. Get a picture with the ladies for just $5, which goes to their program “Huddle Up Against Bullying”; some of the audio & vehicle booths, like Mobile Dynamics or Darknight’s Nationals; the ladies handing out razors from the Schick-Quattro booth; and of course, the beer, including Brick Brewing and of course, the Beer Garden next to the Bud Big Rig!

Check out for more on the event.

Photos copyright W. Andrew Powell, April 2004

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