Four couples and a threesome explore love and sex in one of the most talked about movies of the year: Young People F**king. Over the course of one night they will each look into their lover’s eyes and try to decide exactly what happens next.

First, there’s The Couple, with as Abby and as Andrew. They are trying to find a way to spice up their love life, but they don’t quite realize how bad things have become, and Andrew might be surprised by the solution.

With The Friends, is Matt and is Kris, two lifelong buddies exploring their relationship in each other’s arms, but their plan to keep it just about the sex gets complicated when emotions leap into the mix.

Looking in at The Exes, is Mia and plays Eric, a former couple who hooks up again for fun, but can’t seem to ever be completely honest about their feelings.

The First Date stars as Ken the lady killer, out for a date with the naive Jamie, played by . It may take some time, but over the course of the night they will finally open up and reveal their secrets to each other.

And last, but certainly not least there is The Roommates. is Dave, who spends the strange night with his roomie couple, Gord, played by , and Inez, played by . This funny threesome will take a few odd turns as the couple deals with their issues, and Gord and Dave figure out whether they are really friends or not.

Given the title alone, this is obviously the kind of that likes to push buttons, but the hot cast is put to great use beyond exposing their fair share of skin. Young People Fucking is an undeniably great drama, with excellent performances from this clever, sexy cast.

The film opens in theatres on June 13. Visit the official website at