15 Portraits from TIFF 2016

by W. Andrew Powell
Kreesha Turner

Each year, during the Toronto International Film Festival, I am fortunate to meet a lot of actors, directors, producers, writers, and other talent from film, and television. This year at TIFF 2016, I had the fortune of working with Toronto photographer Rick McGinnis to capture some of that talent in a series of special portrait sessions.

From actor and director Noel Clarke, to stars Mylène MacKay, Rebecca Hall, and Robbie Amell, McGinnis gets up-close and personal with the talents. He worked his magic over the days of the festival, meeting with them for just a few minutes, and then shooting these iconic images in corners of hotel rooms, board rooms, and spaces around downtown Toronto. After years of shooting for NOW Magazine, and numerous other publications over the years, he’s quick and professional, and I’m thrilled to be able to show off his work.

Arnold Oceng
Arnold Oceng for Brotherhood
Anne Emond
Anne Emond for Nelly
Kreesha Turner
Kreesha Turner for King of the Dancehall
Robbie Amell
Robbie Amell for ARQ
April Mullen
April Mullen for Below Her Mouth
Paul Schrader
Paul Schrader for Dog Eat Dog
Rebecca Hall
Rebecca Hall for Christine
Erika Linder
Erika Linder for Below Her Mouth
Noel Clarke
Noel Clarke for Brotherhood
Mylène MacKay
Mylène MacKay for Nelly
Natalie Krill
Natalie Krill for Below Her Mouth
Tony Elliott
Tony Elliott for ARQ
Craig Shilowich
Craig Shilowich for Christine
Jason Maza
Jason Maza for Brotherhood

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