TIFF's Festival Street

TIFF 16: The story of my 16th year at the festival, plus ‘Limehouse Golem’, Paul Schrader, Marc Forester, and Noel Clarke

There’s no way to prepare for it–not really–but that’s always what makes TIFF so much fun if you ask me. Before the festival started I saw nine films, I went to two gift lounges, and I had two pre-interviews with filmmakers. Then the real fun started on September 8, with a couple of days filled with interviews and events.

Jim Caveizel and Mel Gibson on set for The Passion of The Christ

Christ On The Screen

A strange thing happened during the mid-course of cinema history. It used to be that if you were to make a movie that featured Jesus Christ as a character the film was elevated to realm of classic just for that reason alone (The Robe, King of Kings, The Bible, The Ten Commandments) – but then, it seemed that, as in other genres like the western, those filmmakers with the guts and gumption to try tackling Christ have done so in a decidedly revisionist manner, and have had to weather fierce storms of controversy that were damn near indefensible. But what Mel Gibson has done with The Passion of The Christ could accurately be described as brilliant.