Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Charity gift giving

by W. Andrew Powell
Mango Wood Beaded Bracelet

The holidays are almost here. There’s Christmas music on the radio, stores are filled with festive goodies, and Santa Claus has even been showing up to meet with the little ones. That means it’s time to follow our holiday tradition and kick off The GATE’s Holiday Gift Guides with the all-important first edition: our charity gift guide.

Our hope is to encourage everyone, before buying gifts for friends and loved ones, to take time and donate to a good cause first. Charities need support all year round, but there is no better time to make a difference than during the holidays.

To give you some ideas for charity gift giving this year, we’re featuring a few items from World Vision, World Vision Canada, WhyHunger, and Living Water International. These are gifts that you can give that also make a difference in communities, or do a global good. Of course, you can also go out and donate to a local food bank, donate to a shelter, or find a charity like Toy Mountain in your community, but our suggestions this year mean you have a gift to give someone that still helps a charity.

Please note that some items listed below are only available in Canada or the United States.

[column size=one_third position=first ]Haitian Hand-beaded Necklace | $85 (Canada)
Haitian Hand-beaded Necklace

This beautiful, bold necklace, which is long enough that it can be worn long, or wrapped twice around, features porcelain beads. Made in Haiti, sales will help support the artist, Annie, who makes the necklaces, and other similar projects. [/column]

[column size=one_third position=middle ]John Lennon “Imagine” Infinity Scarf | $40 (Canada & U.S.)
2015 Imagine Scarf

Through the support of Yoko Ono, WhyHunger is working to end hunger and poverty, and by buying this stylish infinity scarf, you can help make a difference with their cause. The light and soft scarf features lyrics from John Lennon’s, “Imagine”, and was designed by Lyric Culture to add warmth to that special someone’s winter wardrobe.[/column]

[column size=one_third position=last ]Mango Wood Beaded Bracelet | $40 (U.S.)
Mango Wood Beaded Bracelet

Made in Indonesia, this beaded wood bracelet is classy, and frankly stunning, and best of all, sales helps create sustainable income while supporting at-risk families and children.[/column]

[column size=one_half position=first ]Christmas Ornament Set | $85 (Canada)
Christmas Ornament Set

This Christmas Ornament Set is a great host gift, a unique conversation piece, or just something nice to give someone to decorate for the holidays. Made in Kenya of wire and beads, this product was crafted by artisans who received micro-loans to help them get their businesses started, so your purchase ultimately helps artists build a career.[/column]

[column size=one_half position=last ]Living Water Charm Bangle | $28 (U.S.)
Living Water Charm Bangle

Supporting clean water projects, this hand made bracelet features recycled materials, and the bangle is covered in nickel-free Gold or Silver Rafaellan finish. The stylish and very sharp-looking design dresses up any outfit, and it expands to fit any wrist.[/column]

What does your support to World Vision mean? You can donate directly to World Vision, or choose a gift from their catalogue. Your support helps World Vision provide clean water, food, education, programs for sexually exploited girls, and job training.

WhyHunger is focused on bringing nutritious food to the world, and feeding poverty-stricken people through grassroots solutions that also will empower their community to become self-reliant.

Living Water International is a nonprofit organization devoted to bringing clean water to impoverished communities.

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