Getting ready for TIFF 2016 with a made-to-order suit from Indochino

by W. Andrew Powell
Indochino Suits

There is nothing like a made-to-order suit, especially when you’re getting ready for the Toronto International Film Festival. After all, when you’re interviewing stars and drinking cocktails at TIFF, you’ve got to be dressed for the part, and that’s where Indochino suit was the perfect fit for me.

Indochino has two options for men looking for the perfect suit, whether you need it for a special event, wedding, or just to look sharp at work. The first option is to visit their website and provide all of your measurements, and pick out the way you want your suit made. This is the simplest, but since I wasn’t sure about my measurements, I opted to visit one of their showrooms and get measured and then pick out the fabrics and cut of the suit in person. For me, making sure I had the right measurements was a big deal, so I was happy to go down to their King East location in Toronto and see the options.

The experience was simple, especially if you are not used to making decisions like what colour lining you want for your jacket, or what kind of hem you want on your pants, and that’s because the staff can guide you through the options with examples in the showroom, and from their own experience. The website does a good job of making these decisions clear too, but for my first experience I was very happy to have the Indochino staff assisting with the process.

After I arrived, and they had greeted me and offered me a glass of water, we went upstairs to do the measurements in their fitting rooms. They took pictures of me, so they had a reference for the suit-making process, and then they took all the measurements they needed, from my neck to my leg length. It took no more than 15 minutes for the whole process, and then we headed downstairs to browse the fabrics and suit styles.


Indochino showroom

There are a number of fabrics to choose from, both in terms of the jacket and pants, and for the lining. I opted for the premium indigo birdseye, which is a slightly lighter, darker fabric that we thought would work well whether I was interviewing or going out to a party. Then I had to choose the jacket style: should the lapel be notched, a slim notch, peak, or a wide peak? Did I want functional button holes and a pen pocket? What about the jacket vents: did I want one, two or none?

There were a number of questions about all the different styles, but the staff were incredibly helpful in not only showing you the options and how they would look, but recommending what would look the best for you and your style. They even pointed out that, for the jacket pocket flaps, I could always fold them in to effectively hide them sometimes, or fold them out to show them off.

There is even an option to get a monogram on the inside of the jacket, and I also picked out a gorgeous tie and a pocket square to go with the suit. Indochino also makes shirts and vests, if you’re so inclined, so you can walk in and get everything you need in one shopping trip.

Once everything has been submitted, the suit is made and shipped to you directly, and you can then go in to the showroom to check the fit and make adjustments, or just start wearing it right away if it’s how you want it.

For the fall, Indochino is touting the fact that they have 260 new fabrics, including 160 fabrics for suits, and 100 new shirt fabrics. They are also featuring four suit themes this fall, including the seventies rock inspired Sound Session, the colourful and dynamic Pacific Blue collection, the structured and business-themed Gray & Glass, and the earth-toned Evening Light.

Suits start at $599, and they also offer a number of great sales throughout the year.

Coming up next, I’ll be trying on my suit, and wearing it at TIFF. Stay tuned for a look at the suit and where I’ll be wearing it at the festival.

Indochino Showroom on King Street East
Indochino Showroom on King Street East
Indochino shirts
Indochino shirts
Indochino ties
Indochino ties
Indochino Suit Fitting



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