Charity Gift Guide 2019: Conservation

by W. Andrew Powell

Every year I launch The GATE’s Holiday Gift Guides with a charity guide. The holidays are coming up quickly, and we all spend a lot on gift giving, but it’s also a great time to give back to our communities.

This year, I’m happy to launch the 2019 Holiday Gift Guides with important causes that are helping with conservation and the environment. The four groups are doing vital work in Canada, and more support is always needed to help make a difference.

These are just a few suggestions for charities you can support. There are literally hundreds of local, national, and international causes that you can support this holiday season, and before you head out shopping for friends and family, I encourage you to give back.

Nature Conservancy of Canada

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is a not-for-profit conservation organization that protects nature and species across the country by purchasing private land, and maintaining the natural habitat.

Since 1962, the Nature Conservancy of Canada has saved 2.8 million acres of land from coast to coast.

Through research and conservation programs, working with science professionals, they prioritize habitats to protect, and strategize how to improve the quality of each piece of land. The organization has also started working with Indigenous Peoples across Canada to share in conservation and cultural efforts.

Donate to the Nature Conservancy of Canada today at

Ecotrust Canada

Ecotrust Canada approaches a wide range of local issues, involving everything from fisheries and housing to energy, to find economical solutions that benefit rural and remote communities across Canada.

The organization is dedicated to climate action strategies to combat climate change, as well as energy poverty, community housing initiatives, and so much more.

Donate and find out more about Ecotrust Canada at

Water First

Water First is taking on the water crisis that has affected Indigenous communities across Canada, and they’re developing skills training to help build sustainable solutions.

The organization is working with advisors and partners to create programs that will help take on the systemic causes of water issues on reserves, while also being culturally relevant and being sensitive to each community.

Support Water First and find out more about their work at

Indigenous Climate Action

Indigenous Climate Action is one of Canada’s top Indigenous-led climate justice organizations and their goal is to work to create transformative change.

Working on climate solutions, their goal is to “lead the world on a path of sustainability and overcome the consequences of the fossil fuel era through recognition of [Indigenous] rights and responsibilities to protect the lands, water and resources we all rely on.”

Support Indigenous Climate Action at

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Photo by Tj Holowaychuk from Unsplash.

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