Fall adventures with Canada Goose’s Seawolf rain jacket | Reviewed for the great outdoors

by W. Andrew Powell
Canada Goose Seawolf rain jacket

Great adventures require great gear, and for Canada’s often wild fall weather, that means having a jacket that keeps you warm and dry. That’s why I love the Canada Goose Seawolf rain jacket.

There’s nothing like getting out for a hike. Until now though, I’ve never had a proper fall coat, and the Seawolf is a seriously impressive rain jacket. It’s my first Canada Goose jacket, and I’ve been impressed with it from the moment it arrived.

First, the fabric is amazing. It’s incredibly light, durable, waterproof, windproof, and on top of all that, it’s breathable. The face fabric, or the outside fabric of the coat, is slightly stretchy, and water beads off it beautifully. It’s also slightly pearly, so it’s a nice finish that’s durable and sleek, with reflective details that are fun, and for a bit of extra safety.

The jacket also has lots of pocket space, with four flap pockets and two zippered pockets, as well as zippered vents you can open under the arms. On the inside of the jacket, there’s also a zippered mesh pocket that very handy.

Putting on the jacket, it’s a wonderful fit, reaching down to the mid-thigh, keeping you dry from head practically to feet. It feels light and comfortable, and zips up snugly with a fantastic hood that has a peak you can adjust to keep rain from hitting your face.

The lining of the coat is soft and strong, and that’s where you’ll also notice the incredible stitching, the quality of the fabrics, and the remarkable attention to detail. I’ve never had a coat that was as professionally made, so durable, and so comfortable.

Canada Goose Seawolf jacket

Canada Goose jackets feature Tri-Durance fabric, with three layers that work together to be comfortable, allow moisture to escape and cool the body, and then the face fabric that keeps away rain and wind.

The Seawolf jacket comes in eight colours, with four sizes, and it’s rated for temperatures between 5°C and -5°C. For Canada’s epic fall weather, it’s a perfect jacket for exploring, and you can easily wear an extra layer underneath, for added warmth, as needed.

I love how lightweight the jacket is, how easily it rolls up, and the fact that you can even roll the coat into the hood for packing. I’m about to go on an east coast adventure, and I’m looking forward to all the hiking knowing that I’ll be comfortable no matter what the weather throws at us.

As a photographer, I also found the jacket perfect for shooting, even in slightly rainier conditions, since the hood swivels with your head, and the brim covers most of the camera body at the same time. The jacket’s design also makes it move perfectly with me, and it never felt restrictive like some cheaper coats.

The design is also modern, sleek, and adaptable. I love the cuff straps that you can adjust for a tighter fit, or to roll up, and there’s a flap on the back of the jacket that adjustable with a velcro fastener for extra airflow while still keeping rain from getting in.

If the last few days of rain is any sign, I’m going to get a lot of use out of my Seawolf jacket this fall. I highly recommend it. The website includes a great tool for checking sizing, as well, and if you’re curious Canada Goose also offers a similar style for women, the Seaboard jacket.

The Seawolf rain jacket is $795.00, and you can find out more on the Canada Goose website. Thanks to Canada Goose for the stunning jacket.

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Photos by Aisha Gautreau.

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