Canada Goose launches new footwear collection with global exclusive “Cocoon” at CF Sherway Gardens in Toronto

by W. Andrew Powell
Canada Goose Footwear

My feet are seriously ready for winter now that Canada Goose launched their first footwear collection, and they’re incredible, from the design, right down to their soles.

Like their jackets, that became a standard in keeping people warm and dry, Canada Goose’s boots put the luxury into footwear, and they’re seriously comfortable, warm, and stylish.

At a special preview event at The Journey, the Canada Goose retail location at CF Sherway Gardens, I found my perfect boot size, tested out the footwear, and had the chance to chat with their experts about features and the limited edition cases.

The Cocoon at The Journey in CF Sherway Gardens

This was my first trip to a Canada Goose store, and it’s nothing like what you expect from a retail space.

As an experience, more than a traditional store, the space stands apart. Canada Goose has created a mood for the experience, and it speaks to how the boots were imagined, what they’re made for, and the quality of the boots. Inside, you can try on the footwear, and then you can test them in a real cold space with ice, snow, and sub-zero temperatures.

You can watch my video as a preview of the The Journey, but when you first walk into the store you’ll cross the Crevasse, an immersive experience that feels like you’re going through an icy path underneath the Northern Lights.

Once you’re inside, there’s a circular room that feels almost like you’re outdoors, and at the centre of that space is the Cocoon, a global exclusive to The Journey location that echoes elements of the Canadian landscape. The cedar Cocoon is a natural semi-circle in the middle of the room that features the Canada Goose Foot Scanner powered by Volumental, a 3D system that measures your feet so you can pick the perfect pair of boots.

Standing there, it’s easy to feel like you’re already on an expedition with your new boots, thanks to the smell of the cedar Cocoon, and the pale blue light on the horizon.

After having your feet scanned, the next step is to pick between the two types of boots: Snow Mantra or The Journey.

Snow Mantra boots

Snow Mantra boots are Canada Goose’s serious, deep snow, real Canadian winter footwear that match the brand’s Snow Mantra jacket. The boots were designed for the most extreme winter conditions, fitting nearly up to the average person’s knee, and insulated to keep you warm all the way down to -30°C, or a Thermal Experience Index of 5.

Paired with a Canada Goose parka, it’s the perfect extreme winter combo that will keep you warm in nearly any winter conditions.

Journey Boots are the luxury hiking-style alternative, with a lighter build rated TEI 2, or for temperatures between 0°C to -15°C. I picked them because they’re made to withstand winter in the city, or for the next off-the-beaten-path adventure in the snow. They’re smaller, lighter, and a bit more versatile for the average winter weather.

No matter which boots you pick, all of the footwear features a waterproof membrane, so they’ll keep your feet warm and dry, even in wet snow and slush. Canada Goose has also worked with responsibly sourced leather from TerraCare, to make the boots as eco-friendly as possible.

For colours, you can pick between black, white, or the stunning red for the Snow Mantra boots, while the Journey comes in black, dark cedarwood, and mid-grey/white.

Finally, it’s worth talking a bit about the absolutely incredible limited edition cases. When you buy either boots, they come in an air-tight case that’s perfect for serious travellers who either want to keep their boots extra safe, or plan to bring their best camera equipment for their next adventure. They’re fantastic, well-designed cases to go with the epic footwear.

I’ve become a big fan of Canada Goose this year, and I love what they’re doing with designs, styles, and new products. I love their coats, and people are going to be amazed by their footwear collection. Watch my video below to get a better look inside The Journey, and at the impressive new footwear.

The Cocoon image courtesy of Elaine Fancy. All other images by W. Andrew Powell.

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