This holiday season help The GATE reach the next level

by W. Andrew Powell

If you only give to one great cause this year, make it a charity like Doctors Without Borders. If you’re ready to be a little more generous this holiday season though, please consider joining The GATE as a member, or contributing to our fundraising goals.

We love sharing interviews, reviews, and other great stories. As an independent publisher The GATE does as much as we can, but we’d love to grow and expand, and bring in more writers to share their perspectives and stories.

Canadian publications are struggling now more than ever. Advertising only funds a small amount of our work after we pay for hosting costs and other expenses, so we’re looking for a little more help from fans like you.

If you can share a little generosity with The GATE this season, it will go a long way, and there are three easy ways that you can contribute below.

1 – Donate Now

You can donate from $5 and up through our website or through

2 – Join Us

The GATE’s memberships are a simple way to support what we do on a monthly basis. Become a Fan for $5 per month, and you’ll get early access to special articles, not to mention some of our archives. For our biggest fans, we also offer a unique VIP, Lifetime Membership.

3 – Become a YouTube Member

For the fans that love our YouTube videos and interviews, you can join us on YouTube for a small monthly fee and get access to behind-the-scenes photos, see videos before anyone else, and chat with us.

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