Unsettling Us

Jordan Peele’s latest horror film, Us, is like nothing you’ve seen before. The director is making horror that is shocking, layered in metaphor, and deeply unsettling. When I got this package of treats in the mail for the film, I have to admit it was pretty damn creepy.


Review: Us

Packed to bursting with subtext, laughs, shocks, and genuinely terrifying scares, Jordan Peele’s second feature film, Us, will satisfy casual genre fans and devotees of auteur driven cinema equally, but those in the latter category will probably spend more time piecing together what it all could mean.

Get Out

Review: ‘Get Out,’ directed by Jordan Peele

Get Out not only marks writer and first time feature director Jordan Peele’s biggest departure yet from the comedic roots he’s most widely known for, but also heralds the arrival of a talented, perceptive filmmaking voice. Lovingly embracing and subverting horror movie clichés and conventions in equal measure while at the same time delivering a well honed, often uncomfortably uproarious satire on being black in America, Get Out will stand as one of the most assured debut features once the year is over.