The Raindance movement

When one hears or read the term “independent cinema” it is interpreted–depending on the person and their frame of reference–in any number of ways. Back in the late 60s the term was applied to movies that were still made in the Hollywood system but contain counterculture ideas and were made by people both behind and in front of the camera that flew in the face of the traditional Hollywood methodology.

Karl Wolf at the Adrenaline Zone

Fans, music, and the love of all things football at the 100th Grey Cup Festival

For the past ten days, Toronto has been playing host to the 100th Grey Cup Festival, leading up to today’s big Grey Cup game at the Rogers Centre. Although the festivities are drawing to a close, they’re certainly set to go out with a bang as the Grey Cup Pre-Game Party kicks off at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre today at 1:00 PM, followed by the game itself at 6:00 PM.