Outs creator Adam Goldman talks new show ‘Whatever This Is’ and the up and downs of crowdfunding

A year and a half ago Adam Goldman and several of his friends began making a web series called The Outs, which followed the aftermath break up of a young gay couple in New York. The show slowly spread and won a huge following. It was realistic, funny and presented the world with real gay characters and believable depictions of 20-somethings. Goldman and co. are now back at work with a new web series called Whatever This Is.

Street performers hit the streets of Inglewood alongside the Calgary Fringe Festival

The Calgary Fringe Festival is mostly an indoor event with performances in local theatres, churches, art galleries and other spaces. This year that is not the case. In addition to the Fringe Festival is the Calgary International Street Theatre Festival taking place for the first time. Performances including knife throwing, juggling and acrobatics will be taking place throughout Inglewood (where the Fringe is held) and downtown Calgary over the course of the festival.