Canada In A Day

Filming tips for CTV’s ‘Canada In A Day’ on September 10

by W. Andrew Powell

Get your cameras ready, Canada. This Saturday, September 10, CTV is asking Canadians around the world to film a part of their lives and share it for a special television event: Canada In A Day. The two-hour special will air in 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, with the goal of answering four big questions, including the big one: what does Canada mean to you?

The other questions the show wants Canadians to help answer are; What do you love? What do you hope or dream of? What do you fear?

Canadians are encouraged to film part of their day, with any camera they have that can capture video, and then share the footage on the website. Footage shot on September 10 by Canadians around the world, in any language, will be accepted until October 10. After that, director Trish Dolman will put the footage together for the two-hour television event.

As CTV put it in their release, “Don’t Worry. There is no right or wrong way for people to tell their story. Filming the simplest moments can lead to the most compelling footage.”

To get Canadians ready for the big day on September 10, here are 10 filming tips from Greg Middleton, the Director of Photography for HBO’s Game of Thrones:

Use Any Camera – Footage will be accepted from any device, including mobile phones, and can include time-lapse and drone footage, as well as content shot with special lenses.

Film Horizontally – To avoid black bars on TV screens when the film airs next year, people should be sure to hold cameras or smartphones horizontally.

Film Anywhere – Canadians can film anywhere. At home, at work, or out in their communities. From a favourite getaway or spot to hike, to a park or time spent in a backyard, to moments swimming or up in the air. Proper permission should be secured to film on private property.

Film Anyone – People can film themselves, family, friends, or strangers they encounter during the day. Permission should be secured from anyone who appears in submitted footage.

Think About Light – Avoid filming in front of windows or other sources of bright light, unless the goal is to have the subject appear in silhouette.

Get Good Sound – To hear everyone included in videos, people should try to avoid loud areas. If possible, use a microphone to capture the best sound.

Keep Your Camera Rolling – Be sure to film for at least 3–5 seconds, and try to avoid too much zooming and panning.

Film In Any Language – Canadians can film their day in any language.

Canada In A Day is inspired by Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald’s film Life In A Day. That project ended up with more than 80,000 submissions from the world over. The project also begins the day after director Richie Mehta’s India In A Day premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9.

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