Leslie Bibb talks Jupiter’s Legacy, Lady Liberty, her costume, and that epic scene

by W. Andrew Powell

Leslie Bibb is kicking ass in the new Netflix series, Jupiter’s Legacy. Based on the comic books by Mark Millar, Bibb leaps into the role of Grace Kennedy, a reporter drawn into a search for a remote island, and a decades-long tale.

We get to know Grace as a truth-seeker, a hero, a mother, and woman who stands up for her own. In the boots of Lady Liberty, she’s a fighter and a beacon for the heroes starting out decades later, and Bibb gets some epic scenes, including one climactic moment near the end of the season that I absolutely loved.

And while superheroes have become mainstream, Jupiter’s Legacy is something a bit different. Neither as grimy as some series, or as spotless as others, these heroes have a quest to complete before they even learn what they can become, and Bibb plays one of the more fascinating, nuanced chracters.

Told over close to 100 years, leaping back and forth through the story, the series also stars Josh Duhamel, Ben Daniels, Andrew Horton, Elena Kampouris, Mike Wade, and Matt Lanter, and it’s a wild ride, especially over the last four episodes.

Recently, I sat down with Bibb to talk about Lady Liberty, the costume, that one big scene, and working with this incredible cast. Watch the video below, and stay tuned for one more Jupiter’s Legacy interview coming up soon.

Jupiter’s Legacy is streaming now on Netflix.

Leslie Bibb as Lady Liberty
Leslie Bibb as Lady Liberty

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