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Since 2000, The GATE has been obsessed with covering all things entertainment; from film, music and television, to travel, gaming and electronics.

Created by Owner and Editor-In-Chief, W. Andrew Powell, our stories and reviews have been read around the world, but most importantly, we’re a proud supporter of Canadian talent in all its forms.

Over the years we have also been to any number of guests writers, artists, and talents, including author and TV personality Christopher Heard, theatre critic Susan Down, photographer Paul Buceta, writer and social media personality Christine Estima, Sun writer Jenny Yuen, former Star writer Tim Alamenciak, and numerous others.

The GATE is updated daily, features annual coverage of events like the Toronto International Film Festival, the Juno Awards, the Oscars, the MuchMusic Video Awards, Canadian Music Fest, North by Northeast, and Fan Expo, just to name a few highlights.

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