Review: American Factory

An eye opening and humane examination of the ways the modern global economy and shifting workplace attitudes have impacted the middle and lower classes, Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar’s documentary American Factory should be required viewing for anyone who ever questions why unions or labour movements are necessary and vital.

Review: Survival Box

A cheap, shoddy, ugly looking, basic thriller with wooden dialogue, thin characters, and all the energy of a slug that’s been doused in salt, Survival Box might think that it’s saying something about human nature, loss of civility, and the potential fall of humankind, but really it’s as useless as a bag of fingernail clippings.

Review: Good Boys

If you have no moral objections to watching a trio of potty-mouthed twelve year old boys delivering jokes most forty year olds and frat boys would think twice about making, the energetic and relentless comedy Good Boys will make for an enjoyable, but exhausting experience.