Review: The Art of Racing in the Rain

While The Art of Racing in the Rain lays the dramatic contrivances, manipulative narrative twists, and half-assed philosophizing on just as some other recent movies about wise, old dogs have, there’s no questioning that director Simon Curtis and screenwriter Mark Bomback have come up with a somewhat identical sounding story offered up in a vastly preferable, less patronizing manner.

Review: Museo

An enriching and visually dazzling take on the traditional heist movie template, director and co-writer Alonso Ruizpalacios’ Museo boasts a fascinating, unusual, and frequently thrilling story that’s delivered by a young filmmaker operating at the top of his game.

Review: The Red Sea Diving Resort

The lazy, predictable, and uninspired espionage thriller The Red Sea Diving Resort gets off to a start so horrifically flat and laughably laboured that most savvy moviegoers (meaning anyone who knows how a story should be told, framed, or executed) would probably shut it off within the first ten minutes. It never fully recovers.