Review: Good Boys

If you have no moral objections to watching a trio of potty-mouthed twelve year old boys delivering jokes most forty year olds and frat boys would think twice about making, the energetic and relentless comedy Good Boys will make for an enjoyable, but exhausting experience.

Review: Spice It Up

Sometimes, the backstage drama that surrounds a movie’s production is more interesting than the finished product. The overwhelmingly meta, but unique and thoughtful dramedy Spice It Up is a movie about why failure and struggling is sometimes more profound and life changing than creating a smashing success.

Review: Cold Case Hammarskjöld

Cold Case Hammarskjöld, the latest feature film from provocative and frequently sarcastic Danish documentarian and investigative journalist Mads Brügger positions itself as a work about the nature of conspiracy theories, but really it’s just an indulgently long walk to get to an only moderately unpredictable punchline.

Review: Luce

Although it might be biting off more than it can convincingly chew in a single sitting, the smartly written and exceptionally acted drama Luce is great examination of the muddy nature of modern discourse, human selfishness, race, and societal expectations, among other things.