Meet the Canadian Tire Ice Truck

by W. Andrew Powell
Canadian Tire Ice Truck

How do you sell a new car battery that can withstand the coldest of winter conditions in Canada? Leave it to Canadian Tire to come up with the Ice Truck, a 15,000 pound vehicle made almost completely out of ice that they drove around the town of Hensall, Ontario.

Like any great marketing concept, the goal was to sell a product–in this case, the MotoMaster Eliminator battery–but that doesn’t make the campaign any less amazing. In a country that loves and enjoys the outdoors, and our winter adventures in the snow, the Ice Truck brings a little personality to the brand that is Canadian Tire. That personality is something I’d like to see a lot more of from other companies, but right now I’m just amazed someone figured out a way to drive around in an ice cube.

Credit is due here too to the local business that made the truck, Iceculture, and Notch Video, the company that shot the whole adventure.

Now if Canadian Tire will just bring back their old “Give like Santa, Save like Scrooge” campaigns for next Christmas, I’ll really be happy.

Watch the behind-the-scenes making-of documentary – Making the Ice Truck:

And then watch it all melt away, backwards:

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