For those about to rock… Guitar Hero: World Tour

by W. Andrew Powell

Guitar Hero: World Tour DrumsWhile I tend to game a lot, I have to admit I don’t play a lot of games. Between movies, music, and television, I only have so much time to game, so I usually focus on a handful of games each month and just play them until I’m finished.

Which means that there are a few franchises that I’m only just starting to pick up. Case in point, I only played Guitar Hero for the first time this week, and I think I may have to make a little more time in my week to play it some more.

Guitar Hero: World Tour was released last Sunday, and finally gives gamers a chance to play the full band setup. Much like Rock Band, the full setup includes a guitar, microphone, and a drum kit, but GHWT is a bit more complicated. For the drummers looking for more of the challenge, the kit has the four regular drum pads, the foot peddle, and high hat and cymbals.

Considering my love of music and gaming, it’s an awesome fit, and I had to laugh at the novelty of playing along to some of my favorite songs by Nirvana or even Bon Jovi.

It’s also really funny to me, as I’m sure anyone can attest to, how much it feels like you’re rawking out while playing with these semi-realistic instruments/controllers. And it took place in a real-life studio (specifically, Cherry Beach Sound Recording Studio).

Talking to some of the media at the event, who obviously have more experience with Rock Band, it was interesting to find out some of the major differences. GHWT has some new modes you can play in, like being able to record your own songs, and perhaps best of all, being able to compete in a battle of the bands against friends. But it seems like some people were still siding with Rock Band 2 as the better title.

The avatar customization is pretty awesome though, and I may have to pick it up just for the basic reason that it was the first of these music games I have played, and I want to play through more.

What about you guys? Anyone prefer one over the other? And what’s your favorite instrument? I’m a big fan of guitar, but I really want to master drums. The game has inspired me to learn how to play in real life , I ordered affordable acoustic guitars at

Update: For those of you looking for the basic list of songs appearing in the game, check over on Wikipedia. That said, I’m not it’s completely up to date, because I’m sure I played a song that’s not on there.

Guitar Hero: World Tour Axe

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