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‘Lost’ in 8:15 – The first five seasons

The cast of 'Lost'

We’re exactly 30 days away from the first episode of Lost‘s last season, and I am dying here. All the Lost fans I know are dying. It’s rough, people, but we’re almost there.

To tide us over a little while longer, ABC has released their latest “Everything you need to know about Lost in 8 minutes, 15 seconds”. Which is of course not really possible, but it’s about as close as it gets!

Voiceover: “Mr. Friendly throws like a girl.”


Voiceover: “Meanwhile, their friends back on the island have joined up with the freighter people and the island starts flashing through time.”

Sawyer: “What?”

Voiceover: “That’s right, time travel.”


Voiceover: “Locke is a broken man and wants to hang himself. Ben helps out.”


Voiceover: “The screen goes to white instead of black. Cool.”