Toronto to New Brunswick

by W. Andrew Powell

Road Trip
Almost two months have passed since my last Groom update, and yes, a lot has changed. We still have a lot to plan, but we’re slowly getting some of the biggest items settled.

Right now I’m saving some details to write up, so I’m not going to go into a lot of detail until those stories are ready, but we’ve picked a venue, we’re about to pick a photographer, and Aisha has even found her wedding dress. At the same time though, the other part of the plans we’re figuring out comes after the wedding, and I’m not talking about the honeymoon.

After Aisha and I have our big day here in Toronto, we’re going to take a trip out east to host a reception in New Brunswick with my family. The New Brunswick plans are going to be a smaller affair, without a ceremony, but I really wanted to be able to do something local for family who may not be able to make it to Toronto.

What I really love about all of this is that we get two opportunities to do things with our family, and having an event in New Brunswick as well means we can invite more people without worrying about everyone being able to fly to Toronto, or some other destination for that matter. Aisha and I are also making plans for a mini road trip, with a mini honeymoon stopover somewhere on the way between Toronto and New Brunswick, so it gives us a chance to at least have one day away together to celebrate until we can have the real deal next spring.

The catch, and of course there always is one, is that this means we’re planning two events. For some people that might be a problem, but Aisha and I are keeping things as simple as possible, and for us, with family in two different provinces, it just makes sense. (Luckily, we’re not like some couples who need to make arrangements for family in two different parts of the world.)

What’s interesting in all of this is just how much easier planning a reception in New Brunswick is compared to planning something in Toronto. It’s hard to compare venues, since we’re looking at completely different types of places out east, but in terms of pricing, availability, and general ease of planning, New Brunswick is a lot less complicated. If you think of the wedding business as a service industry, it makes sense, since supply and demand make everything more complicated here in Toronto, where there are simply a lot more people spending a lot more money on weddings, but it explains one other thing: sometimes destination weddings just make a lot of sense.

P.S. No, as much as I’d like to say otherwise, that is not actually our car. Photo courtesy MiQ

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