Video premiere: Iduna’s “Strike The Set”


Toronto’s Iduna want to bring back the alternative rock that they grew up on in the 90s. For the mindful, alternative quartet, growing up on Toronto’s festivals and music venues inspired them to follow their influences and deliver a mix of heavy, soulful, and high energy rock and roll.

The GATE is thrilled to premiere the band’s brand new lyric video for their single “Strike The Set”, which is on their debut album, Counterpart.

Iduna features songwriters and guitar players Jason Craig and Trison Boyes, with Tim Saulnier on bass, and Craig Koziar on drums, who came together through a simple Craigslist ad after Craig started looking for artists to form a band. From the moment they met, the band hit it off incredibly well, and while the four artists have been in other projects before, Iduna has been their most evolved work to date.

For Counterpart, the band wanted to project feelings of vulnerability, betrayal, injury, optimism, and compassion, while being honest. To help capture the sound they wanted, they brought in Moist and David Usher producer Mark Makoway.

Counterpart is available on iTunes, and follow Iduna on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

You can see the band performing on August 26 at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.

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