Fresh Indie music: January ’18 | Tobtok, Nick de la Hoyde, Blyne

Fresh Indie Music January 2018

Discovering great new music is a glorious thing, so I’m sharing joy for the New Year with seven indie artists and their latest singles and recent hits. Featured artists include fresh Indie music from: Tobtok, Nick de la Hoyde, Blyne, Bloom Twins, Nikö Blank, and KØS.

You can jump right into our January ’18 Fresh Music on Spotify list, or find out more about the artists and play the whole playlist below.

Tobtok – “On My Way”

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Swedish producer and dance artist Tobtok is a cancer survivor who counts Nile Rodgers among his influences. Tobtok’s hits have reached around the world, from BBC Radio 1 in the U.K., to a double platinum single in Australia with 29 million streams on Spotify.

“On My Way” is an anthemic party-ready hit that is a perfect blend of catchy lyrics, great beats, and lead vocals that feel like you need to be singing along.

Nick de la Hoyde – “Hold Me Close”

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Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Nick de la Hoyde is a singer, songwriter, and rapper who fell in love with mixing hip hop with dance beats, and a love of thoughtful lyrics.

In “Hold Me Close”, de la Hoyde is plaintive and charming, with a danceable, tropical beat that is ready for the club. The song feels like it might have been ripped out of a movie soundtrack.

Blyne – “Water”

From Blynne’s debut self-titled EP, German artists Jan Hammele and Andreas Huber found a mix of similar interests when they met, and set out to create genre-defying music that was influenced by Berlin’s electronic music scene. The duo have been working together since 2010, only debuting Blyne recently with a mix of English-speaking artists on each track.

“Water” evokes dream-like emotions, carried with sweet vocals, and a hypnotic beat that rises and falls like a tide, carrying you out to sea. It’s wonderfully easy to get lost in this track.

Bloom Twins – “Talk To Me”

Bloom Twins are the classically-trained sisters Sofia and Anna, who started the project four years ago to release their own music, and since then they have made some serious fans. A few musicians who have shown their approval include Nile Rodgers, Seal, and Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes.

“Talk To Me” is a beautiful, eclectic track that hits a serious topic, addressing mental health and depression after the duo lost their friend. The incredible music video, which was shot by Serge Vane, reinforces the band’s social media campaign to get people talking with the hashtag #TalkToMe.

Nikö Blank – “Do U”

Listening to Nikö Blank inspires an instant urge to play his music again. His music is rich and layered, with catchy lyrics, and an immersive beat.

His unofficial remix of Flume’s “Never Be Like You” reached #1 on Hype Machine, and his debut EP The Frame is supported by a short film featuring singer/songwriter Jacob Luttrell.

KØS – “Light & Shadow”

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“Light & Shadow” is like nothing else on this playlist, but it’s a track that is so strong, I had to include it. France’s KØS have captured the serene beauty of their track with a video that is truly mesmerizing, and yet wonderfully strange at the same time. I fell in love with the vocals, and the quiet strength of the mix.

January ’18 Fresh Music on Spotify

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