Listen Now: Digisaurus debuts ‘Knocking Heads’


Producer and electro-pop artist Digisaurus launched his brand new single “Knocking Heads” today, and it’s a delicious synthpop track that’s a sweet mix of nostalgia, for those of us who grew up in the 80s especially, and modern, driven, Indie rock.

Digisaurus is the work of artist and producer James Allison, a former London-native who opened a recording studio in Columbus, Ohio, before moving to Los Angeles, where he took up his new moniker. Throughout his career, James Allison has worked with a number of bands, playing guitar and synths, in addition to singing. His 2015 EP, No More Room For Love, earned 200,000 streams, and in the last two years he’s put on over 300 shows in 44 states.

This year Digisaurus will release a single and B-side every month, and “Knocking Heads” is the first single, and featuring the B-side “Correcting A Fool”. He will also be touring throughout the year, with a number of new tour dates that he just announced today.

“Knocking Heads” is an Indie rock riff that runs on a driving electronic beat, and Allison’s retro vocals, not to mention epic synth, and just a really fantastic rhythm. The song gets stuck between your ears, and will have your foot jamming along to the beat. The track is fluid, quick, and expertly addictive, all at the same time as driving a fun, but definitely forceful message.

As he explains the song, “I’m pretty contemplative on the fact that people butt heads on any given occasion. At some point, I have to stop and think: Am I living in someone else’s world or are they living in mine? And while I might occasionally succumb to another person’s will, at other times I feel like a guy driving his mustang 150 miles per hour down the highway.”

By contrast, “Correcting A Fool” is a digital downshift that pops with reverb and a maelstrom of sound near the end. It is a track that’s night-and-day from “Knocking Heads” which is refreshing, and really shows off the versatility of Digisaurus.

On “Knocking Heads”, you can hear the work of Jeff Martin on drums, Eric Groseclose on bass, Dennis Tanner on guitar, and Ben Rohletter on synth.

Digisaurus starts his latest tour schedule with Los Angeles on February 12, then San Francisco on March 8.

Upcoming tour dates:
3/8 • San Francisco, CA • Neck of the Woods
3/9 • Grants Pass, OR • The Haul
3/10 • Crescent City, CA • Port O’ Pints
3/11 • Portland, OR • Starday Tavern
3/16 • Seattle, WA • Central Saloon
3/17 • Cottage Grove, OR • Axe & Fiddle
3/23 • Ogden, UT • Funk N’ Dive
3/24 • Salt Lake City, UT • Piper Down
3/25 • Denver, CO • Your Mom’s House
3/30 • Lubbock, TX • Cafe J
3/31 • Lubbock, TX • BarPM

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