Fresh Indies Vol. 8 - April 2018

Fresh Indies Vol. 8: bülow, Sara Phillips, The Aces, Madilyn Bailey, Daniela Andrade & Kim Edwards

by W. Andrew Powell

Six phenomenally talented women rule Fresh Indies this week, including bülow, Sara Phillips, The Aces, Madilyn Bailey, Daniela Andrade, and Kim Edwards.

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bülow – “Not A Love Song”

Seventeen-year old singer bülow released her debut music video for her addictively catchy single, “Not A Love Song,” and it’s exactly what she promised. The mellow, up-beat elctro-pop track is all about the chorus, singing “Wish I could tell you I missed you, but I can’t,” as the singer wanders the streets of Berlin.

“I wanted this video to be natural, just being myself in a fearless city. Berlin is a special place to me.”

While the music video is new, the single has already earned over 8 million Spotify plays, and follows her big debut with Damaged Vol. 1, that’s earned millions of streams with tracks “Like This Guy”, “Lines”, and “Not A Love Song”, and helped her reach the Spotify Global Viral chart.

Follow bülow on Facebook and Twitter.

Sara Phillips – “Rich and Famous”

Canadian singer Sara Phillips’ “Rich and Famous” is a silky and somber track about the hopes and dreams for tomorrow, weighed down by the realities of today. Phillips has a gorgeous voice, and the track focuses completely on her with a simple arrangement that draws you in to her story, that we all know so well.

“I can’t wait to be rich and famous, everyone will know what my name is. Oh I better feel better when I’m rich and famous,” she sings.

“I wrote this song about trying to navigate the music industry, the loneliness of it all,” Phillips said, “and the hope that all the sacrifices you make will one day be worth it. It’s also about how we–all of us, I believe–often think that once we get to wherever we’re trying to go, we’ll finally be ‘happy’, and how we often focus so singularly on getting there, we don’t take care of ourselves, each other and our happiness along the way. I don’t want or need to actually be rich or famous. I just want to be happy.”

Watch the video for “Rich and Famous” on YouTube, and follow Phillips on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Aces – “Volcanic Love”

“Volcanic Love” is a blissful, ecstatic pop song that’s deeply charming, and The Aces have the perfect vocal chemistry to make the track smoulder. Lead singer Cristal Ramirez’s rich, dreamy vocals reminded me of classic pop-rock songs from the 80s, maybe most reminiscent of Heart, and their new album When My Heart Felt Volcanic is full of completely catchy tracks, including their previous hit, “Stuck”.

The Aces have been on the Top 40 Alternative Radio charts, they’ve been named one of Billboard’s Chart Breakers and one of Billboard’s 2018 Artists To Watch, and it’s not hard to hear why.

The music video for “Volcanic Love” was co-directed by Nico Poalillo and Ramirez, paying tribute to classic love stories like The Great Gatsby, 500 Days of Summer, Heathers, and Across The Universe. Follow The Aces on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Madilyn Bailey – “Tetris”

Madilyn Bailey has earned a huge following, with 5 million YouTube subscribers, and a number of hits on Spotify. Now, with “Tetris”, the US artist has reached out to the UK and beyond, and the song is about that tingly first fall into love; about how differences can make two people even better together. Bailey’s vocals build slowly, and then sweep you along in this fun and electric pop song.

“Tetris is a song I wrote about how two completely different people with completely different backgrounds, quirks, passions, ‘shapes’ can come together to make one beautiful picture,” Bailey said. “I think at times we all need to be reminded that in a relationship it’s not about being perfect but about how we can complement each other, imperfections and all.”

You may also have already heard Bailey’s beautiful cover of David Guetta’s “Titanium”, which so far has 91 million plays on YouTube. Watch the music video for “Tetris” on YouTube, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Daniela Andrade – “Stare at Each Other & Fall in Love”

Canadian singer and songwriter Daniela Andrade softly croons in her dreamy new lo-fi single “Stare at Each Other & Fall in Love”. The evocative track feels very private, like a shared moment you’ve gleaned from her life, and that’s what makes it so powerful. The melody is also sparse, and focused, and totally focused on Andrade’s voice.

Andrade is based out of Montreal and has covered a number of songs on her YouTube channel, with over 500 million plays to date (her cover of “La Vie En Rose” alone has an amazing 33 million views), and millions of followers across her social media channels. Follow Andrade on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Kim Edwards “When We Were Young” (feat. Jared Salte)

Kim Edwards wrote “When We Were Young” with Jared Salte of The Royal Foundry, and the song is magnificently symphonic, with a stratospheric reach as the two singers harmonize throughout the song.

Working for two years on her follow-up to 2012’s Lovers and Loners, Edwards was unsure where her music would take her next, but through collaborations and work with other musicians, she took the time to learn and grow as an artist.

In writing the song, Edwards said, “I didn’t want to write from a sad or regretful standpoint, but rather with the view of somehow returning to that hope of youth. From there, I began imagining the aftermath of the story of Adam and Eve. Perhaps no two figures have ever felt that ‘longing to return’ as they did. I think humanity innately longs for something better, and maybe a part of that ‘better’ is encapsulated in those feelings of our youth.”

Follow Edwards on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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